GreenSeeker Time Series

agriopticsWe have collected canopy data using a GreenSeeker NDVI sensor given to us for this project by AgriOptics Ltd.

A series of maps is shown in the slider below. Note the colour scales are not the same in each image.

  • GreenSeeker NDVI Image captured on 5 October 2015
  1. How do you think the canopy development has progressed?
  2. Do you see trends, or patterns emerging?
  3. Is the canopy looking more or less uniform over time?

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The earlier images are actually dominated by soil effects as the plants were still very small. The half of the paddock nearest the driveway (lower half of picture) had surface residues from an over-winter cover crop of oats. In contrast, the top half  had a mustard cover crop over winter and there was very little surface residue by the time these maps were made.

By 27 October, the plant canopy is getting big enough to “drown out” the underlying soil surface effect. We are seeing the canopy develop, with larger plants in the middle, smaller at the edges and in low lying areas, particularly the top right corner of the paddock.

The November images reflect the onion canopy much more strongly.


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