Mission identification using Wordle

It is an interesting process – getting common understanding and agreement of two dozen people at the start of a loosely defined project.

We have an interest group establishing itself around our Micro-Farm. We had a meeting about vision and purpose, and what everyone wanted to get out of their involvement.

At the end of the meeting, we agreed everyone would submit ten words that summarised their vision for the Micro-Farm, maybe as a vision statement.

We collated the responses and put them all into wordle.net.  This is what we got.


This seems a fair representation of our discussions to date.

It seems to me the big words have nailed the “what we want”.  We talked of maximising production, by increasing yield but while maintaining the soil. To achieve that we need management for sustainable cropping and controlled traffic (CTF) was frequently mentioned.

Many of the little words are “how we might get there”. They include possible practices and rules for engagement, as well as a wealth of ideas of things to try, to measure and to keep in mind.

I think this is something we need to repeat at intervals: wordles is a very interesting way to review messy information!

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