September 2013: Fertiliser recommendation for early peas

Fertiliser recommendations for peas

Mark Redshaw, Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Based on the soil tests taken in June from sites 1 – 6, the background fertility at the MicroFarm is generally high with the only limiting factor being Sulphur. Sulphate levels ranged from 1-3mg/kg.

With numerous trials demonstrating no yield response to applied fertiliser it was questionable whether to apply anything. See, for example, Foundation for Arable Research Updates

Earlier MicroFarm Discussion Group members had raised the question of additional nitrogen, in particular in relation to vining green peas for processing rather than for dry seed.

With the early and late plantings occurring, and the questions being raised about starter nitrogen and the use of inoculants, the following was recommended:

  • Early Peas Block 3 100kg/Ha PhasedN- Nitrogen/Sulphur treatment (25N 29S)
  • Early Peas Block 4 100kg/Ha Sulphur Gain Pure- Sulphur Treatment (90S)
  • Late Peas Block 1 No fert
  • Late Peas Block 2 No fert -Inoculant- Nodulaid
  • Late Peas Block 5 No Fert -Inoculant- Nodulaid
  • Late Peas Block 6 No Fert

This will enable a few comparisons:

  • Nitrogen/Sulphur versus Sulphur treatment.
  • Innoculant treatment planted into previously grass versus previously broad beans.
  • No fertiliser comparisons planted into previously grass versus previously broad beans.

Soil conditions at planting were not ideal with moisture levels quite high, and compromises being made around fertiliser rates due to size of blocks.

Ability to apply fertiliser with planter was used to avoid an extra pass, but separation of product and seed was compromised due to soil conditions.


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