MicroFarm Layout

The MicroFarm is a 4ha site 500m long and 80m wide. The six micropaddocks occupy a little over 3ha, with the rest taken by access driveways, buildings, parkaing and smaller paddock areas.


Each MicroPaddock is over 100m long and about 0.5ha in area.

See a computer simulation of the MicroFarm, created by AltusUAS.

Block 2 has buried drip irrigation supplied by ThinkWater and Netafim NZ. The other blocks are irrigated with a Linear move donated by the Ritchies at Drumpeel Farms

Irrigation is from a bore, with a mainline running down theĀ of the paddocks. Hydrants originally installed when the site was an apple orchard, allow easy access. The bore is artesian, but a small booster pump is used. Consented maximum take rate is 4.8 L/s, enough to meet the needs of the block.

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