Crop covers laid on onions and peas

Following the lead of Dr Charles Merfield at the BHU Future Farming Centre at Lincoln, we’ve laid some trial crop covers at the MicroFarm.

Crop covers laid over onions and peas at the MicroFarm
Crop covers laid over onions and peas at the MicroFarm

Merf first used the covers in an attempt to control the Tomato Potato Psyllid on biologically grown potatoes. His first season trial showed unexpected benefits including greatly reduced potato blight. You can view Merf discussing the trials on Rural Delivery here>

Scott Lawson has been using the covers at True Earth Organics in Hawke’s Bay. His observations are of significant benefit on a number of crops. He bought cloth to cover potatoes, a crop he struggled to produce one TPP arrived. After potatoes, the cloth was going back in the shed but instead he put it on to other crops and has seen benefits in those as well.

We have placed 6 x 8m covers on our onions in Paddocks 1 & 2. We also put covers on to our peas crops, largely to gauge the effect of pigeon attacks at germination.

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